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By | June 12, 2015

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      Recruitment cum Eligibility Exam for Teachers: Three categories have been set by the officials to get selected in REET 2015. This year around 20,000 candidates will be recruited through REET 2015 Examination. From the long time, candidates who are holding B.ed degree and BSTC degree were waiting for REET Examination 2015. Round 11 Lakh candidates will appear for REET this year. Govt has already set the guidelines for REET 2015. The guidelines are sent to the higher officials for their sanction. In coming days, REET 2015 guidelines will be uploaded to their official websites. Candidates should check their official website frequently for further updates.

RTET REET exam 2015

RTET REET Exam 2015 Categories

REET 2015 Categories:

REET 2015 is divided into 3 categories. Candidates need to fill only one application by choosing different categories for REET 2015. These categories are important for those candidates who want to apply for REET Exam 2015. Categories encompass Fees and the advantages of the 3 REET categories.

Category 1: For Recruitment & Eligibility


In this category, candidates are eligible for Level 1(class1st-class5th) & Level 2(class 6th-class8th) plus in the recruitment process.

Category 2: Only Eligibility:In this category candidate is only eligible for Level 1(class 1st-class5th) & Level 2(class 6th-class 8th). They will not be the part of recruitment process. Category 3: Only Recruitment: In this category, candidates who have eligibility for RTET and earlier have passed the exam will be part of this category. They don’t need to appear in REET but have to give Application for it.
Fees: For only level 1 & Level 2 Candidate need to give 400 Rupees. For both the levels, 600 rupees. Fees: For only level 1 & Level 2 Candidate need to give 400 Rupees. For both the levels, 600 rupees.

Fees: Only 200 Rupees to be paid for this category.

Advantages: Candidates who have degree of B.ed and BSTC are part of this category. Moreover, Candidates who have already appeared for RTET and want to improve their marks. They need to pass both exams REET &RTET with maximum marks. On that basis the merit list will be prepared.

Advantages: In this, there is no age limit. Candidates who are not eligible for govt. jobs (because of their surplus age) and have B.ed and BSCTC degree can be part of this category.

Advantages: Candidates of RTET 2011 & 2012 can be part of this category, which have passed this exam with minimum 60% marks. On the basis of RTET marks they will be selected in the district wise merit list.

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